About Zarcon

Zarcon is a leader in the construction of commercial, industrial and residential real estate of Class A in Pakistan. Since the foundation of the company, the clientele of the company has increased steadily every year and the number of employees proportionately grows. Today, Zarcon has more than 100 corporate clients in the industry. The company operates in Lahore and nearby vicinities.

Zarcon Is A Leading

Company In The Construction,

Designing and Consultancy


What We Do

Zarcon brings best services with value, potential cost saving, and provide you with a predictable outcome.

Design & Construction

Construction of all types of buildings, infrastructure and civil works construction.

Rennovation & Reconstruction

We are offering renovation and reconstruction of all types of buildings and houses.

Turnkey Contracting

We offer full contracting services and deliver turn key projects.

Architecture Services

Improvise your designs with our professional architects to get state of the art designs.